Are You Recycling Correctly?

Many Long Beach residents and surfers we know do not recycle and/or do not know how to recycle properly. Not only is Green the hottest new trend, but recycling is the most practical daily way you can directly effect the environment and your taxes. The City gets reward$ for recycling and gets charged for general garbage dumping. Please see the attached LB residential recycling guide to make sure you are recycling properly (the reality is that most of you are probably not). Thanks to the City of Long Beach Environmental Advisory Board for the information. Click / Print / share the info below!


About Daniel Bobis

LBSA Co-founder, Daniel Bobis is a life long LB resident/surfer, martial arts instructor, and drummer for the hardcore band Cipher. He teaches Math, advises the Surf Club and coaches the Surf Team at LBHS.
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