Help Keep The Water Quality Of Our Bays In Check

Our brothers/sisters in local activism, the Sludge Stoppers Task Force, have alerted us to the "Nassau County Right to Know of a Sewage Spill Bill," introduced by county legislator David Denenberg. This proposed legislation is the result of tireless efforts in stopping the illegal dumping into Reynolds Channel and the commitment to address the lack of public notification protocol. The Bill requires the DPW to report discharge over legal limits to the Board of Health who will then be required notify the public. Why a system like this doesn't already exist is disturbing and it needs to set up now.

Please take 2 seconds and go to this petitions link
Sign and tell all our Legislators to sign this Bill into law.


About Daniel Bobis

LBSA Co-founder, Daniel Bobis is a life long LB resident/surfer, martial arts instructor, and drummer for the hardcore band Cipher. He teaches Math, advises the Surf Club and coaches the Surf Team at LBHS.
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