June Meeting Wrap Up

A big thanks to all who came out to the meeting on Wednesday night.
Here's an update for those who missed out:
4 main themes of the meeting:

1) Skudin Surf Location
Everyday: Skudin Surf headquarters Tent will be set up on the Monroe side by the rocks that separate Lincoln and Monroe.
Weekdays: Skudin Surf will conduct all activities (lessons and camp) on the west side of Monroe. A drag lifeguard chair will be used on their side of the beach and lifeguards will separate swimmers accordingly. If the beaches are basically empty due to overcast weather and/or the waves being very small, Skudin Surf will use their discretion and move to Lincoln if appropriate for the benefit of the camp. If conditions begin to improve and surfers start showing up at Lincoln, Skudin Surf will move back to Monroe for the safety of their students and the safety of the surfers at Lincoln.
Weekends: Effective immediately, Skudin Surf will conduct all activities on the west side of Monroe until 11AM. All parties agreed that safety concerns peak at Lincoln on weekend afternoons. That being said the LBSA and Skudin Surf believe that operating at Monroe all day on the weekends (in addition to weekdays) should be a priority. While in agreement, Chief Gillespie raised concerns regarding the weekend crowds on this beach and recognizes that various conditions such as weather and numbers can play a role in this happening. That being said, after 11AM on weekends, Paul agreed to use discretion in determining whether Skudin Surf stays at Monroe or relocates from Monroe to Lincoln.

2) Possibility of 9-11AM Morning Surfing at Franklin
All parties realize the conflict in assigning Monroe a 9-11 Surfing Beach. It conflicts with the purpose of separating Skudin Surf from the crowds by moving Skudin to Monroe. There is a huge hole by the east side Monroe Jetty where no waves break which will put most morning surfers towards the west side where Skudin will be operating. Chief Gillespie agreed with this rationale and said he would look into switching the 9-11 surfing beach to Franklin. UPDATE 6/4 Chief said it's not going to happen this Summer.

3) Evening Surfing on the Weekends
Lifeguard hours being extended to 7pm on the weekends. As a result, Chief Gillespie said he would tell the guards that any time after 5pm, if no one is swimming and surfers want to go in, the guards can use their discretion and open the beach up to surfing. He added that surfers could ask the lifeguards to call down to him at headquarters to get confirmation of this. It was pointed out that the regularly designated surfing beaches will still be open and dedicated to surfing during this time.

4) All parties agreed that if these changes are to work, communication is key. LBSA will do all it can to communicate this information as well as encouraging compliance and cooperation with lifeguards. Chief Gillespie acknowledged the importance of making sure the information is communicated to his lifeguards and agreed to make sure it takes place.

Keeping you posted.



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LBSA Co-founder, Daniel Bobis is a life long LB resident/surfer, martial arts instructor, and drummer for the hardcore band Cipher. He teaches Math, advises the Surf Club and coaches the Surf Team at LBHS.
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