Come out for Surf Movie Night at the LB Cinema – Friday, May 18th, 2012!

The Long Beach Surfer's Association and SMASH productions present Surf Movie Night's Premiere of "LOST AND FOUND", hosted by Sundown Surf Shop!

Surf Film that Reconnects Lost Photos with Photographers & Iconic Surfers to Premiere at Long Beach Cinemas

The Long Beach Surfing Association & SMASH (Surf /Movies/Art/Shaping/History) presents Surf Movie Night’s premiere of Lost & Found by Doug Walker at the Long Beach Cinema on Friday May 18th, 7PM hosted by Sundown Surf Shop. The film traces back the stories from 30,000 lost film negatives shot of some of the 70’s best and well known surfers.

Storyline: In 2007 Doug Walker found roughly 30,000 missing film negatives from the Surfing Magazine archive at a Pasadena swap meet.  After spending 1 year organizing the collection, Walker decided to reunite them with their original sources and subjects.  He figured there just might be a story there.  For the last 3+ years Doug Walker has been capturing stories that if not told will be lost. Starring Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Buttons, Greg Weaver, Jock Sutherland, Rory Russell, Larry Bertlemann, Bobby Owens, Duncan Campbell & Gerry Lopez.

View the trailer here and feel the stoke!

When: Friday May 18th, 7PM

Where: Long Beach Cinema, 179 East Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY

Tickets can be purchased at the door or Online

Click here to purchase!

LBSA Members $10 – Includes Ticket, Popcorn and Drink

Non-Members $20 – Includes Ticket, Popcorn, Drink and optional LBSA Lifetime Membership! Sundown Surf Shop will be giving away raffle items and other goodies.

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See y'all there!

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