2013 Summer Surf Beach Schedule released!

The Long Beach Surfer's Association is happy to announce that the City of Long Beach has released the 2013 Summer Surf Beach schedule. The schedule contains small but important changes from last year's schedule, and was developed with significant imput from community members, the surfing community, and  the City of Long Beach Life Guards. 

Amongst the changes include the elimination of "back to back" surf beaches, in order to better accommodate the non-surfing beachgoing community, as well as rotational changes on extended 3 day holiday weekends to avoid any one block bearing the burden of the entire weekend. A close look will also reveal that there are as many as 2 fewer surfing beaches on any given day than in the 2012 schedule, but this is offset by better spacing and distribution of the designated surfing areas across the entire length of the City for 2013.

Left unchanged were the permanent surfing beaches of Maple to Pacific (east of the swimming area), Lincoln, and the extremely popular West End weekly rotating beaches.

The LBSA would like to thank City Manager Jack Schnirman, Chief of Lifeguards Paul Gillespie, and the City of Long Beach for working so diligiently with the community to advance a plan for 2013 that builds on the successes of 2012.

To access the full schedule and a letter from Mr. Schnirman, click here: Summer Surf Beach Schedule 2013

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