City of Long Beach rescinds 2013 Surf Beach Plan, New plan to be developed

Based on community feedback, the City of Long Beach has decided to rescind the 2013 Surf Beach Plan that was released last week. The decision was made as part of the Long Beach City Council meeting held on May 7th, 2013, and was announced at the Good and Welfare portion of the meeting.

Concerns arose from the residents affected by the West-Central portion of the schedule, many of whom spoke and echoed a theme that their area was being unfairly burdened under the newly announced rotation. While the discussion was passionate, all in the room seemed in agreement that the needs of everyone be considered, and everyone could and should work together in the best interest of the entire community, in a spirit of openness, fairness, and transparency in these difficult, post-Sandy times.

The Long Beach Surfer's Association stands behind the principle of all citizens having a say in how our shared resource is used, and we encourage everyone with opinions on the matter to reach out to the the City Manager and the City Council Members and make their feelings known.

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