Next LBSA General Meeting – November 4th, 2013 at the Long Beach Hotel!

The next general membership meeting of the Long Beach Surfer's Association will be 7PM on November 4th, 2013 at the Long Beach Hotel.

Prior to the meeting, the LBSA, in coordination with the Long Beach High School Surf team will be presenting a surf forecasting clinic: "Surf Forecasting 101" – All are welcome to attend!

Download your copy of the flyer here: LBSA_SurfForecastFlyerNov2013v2

See y'all there!

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“A Hundred Miles to the End” to Premiere at the LB Library – July 13th, 2013 – get your tickets NOW!

SMASH and the LBSA are proud to present the world premiere of John Beattie's surf film, "A Hundred Miles to the End" on July 13th, 2013 at the Long Beach Library!

Tickets are ONLY available online – Click here to get yours!

Read more about the film here:

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Important LBSA Meeting – Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 7:30PM at Earth Arts!


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Project Pay it Forward #11 scheduled for June 1st, 2013 – Come out and help out!

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LBSA expresses concerns over Summer 2013 Surf Schedule to City Manager

As many in the Long Beach Surf community are aware, the City has published a proposed 2013 Surf Schedule. While the LBSA and it’s members fully support the City in it’s efforts to develop a fair and equitable schedule for this first summer post Sandy, there are a growing number of members of the LBSA and the community at large that have expressed safety and other concerns, especially as it relates the the proposed schedule’s lockdown of all surfing west of Lincoln Boulevard after 11am on holiday weekends. Will Hallett, the new President of the LBSA, expressed concerns to the City manager via email on May 23rd, 2013. Below is the email, in it’s entirety.

Dear Mr. Schnirman,

As you may have heard, I recently took over for Billy Kupferman as President of the Long Beach Surfer’s Association. I’ve had the great pleasure to work with you and members of the City’s management on a variety of projects over the years, both as part of the LBSA and individually. On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors of the LBSA, and the entire membership, we all look forward to continuing to work with all of you cooperatively for the greater good of all of the citizens of our City.

I am writing to you today to express the concerns of the LBSA membership and the LBSA Board of Directors over this year’s proposed Surf Beach Schedule, which to our knowledge, has not been finalized. We all know that it has been a difficult time since Sandy, and there were legitimate concerns over the initial schedule that was published. We applaud the City for quickly looking to correct the concerns brought out by the community. In a similar light, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not call to your attention the following concerns from 2012 that have not been addressed in the proposed 2013 schedule, and a new major concern that has been introduced by the proposed 2013 schedule. The two issues unresolved from last year are as follows:

1. Fairness to the swimming (non-surfing) community in the Westholme area – addressing “Back to Back to Back” surf only beaches.

The 2013 proposed schedule, as written, allows for scenarios where there will be two consecutive back to back beaches, and some weeks even THREE consecutive beaches that will be off limits to swimming in the morning hours. The LBSA believes this is an unfair burden, and we strongly recommend that this be addressed.

2. Undue burden on any one of the rotating Westhholme and West End beaches as the “Surf Beach” for entire holiday weekends.

The 2013 proposed schedule, as written, maintains the same beach in the Westholme and West End areas through the entire holiday weekend. The LBSA and other interested citizens have recommended changing the beach each day. If this cannot be done for 2013, it certainly should be considered for Summer, 2014.

With the Memorial Day Weekend rapidly approaching our most grave concern is our third item:

3. Closing of all Surf Beaches west of Lincoln Blvd after 11am for the entire Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day weekends.

The 2013 proposed schedule, as written, provides that the rotating beaches in the Westholme area and the West End be closed to surfing after 11am for these 10 “holiday weekend” days. This effectively means that there will be no place to surf after 11am for an entire 3 mile stretch, and will force surfers to converge on one of only two places, both in the east end of town.

Make no mistake – the position of the LBSA is that closing these beaches after 11am on the holiday weekends creates a major safety concern!

We completely understand the need to make the best possible decisions with our shared resource, and while we understand that the holidays bring out major amounts of swimmers, it also brings major amounts of surfers. We believe the overcrowding that is likely to occur puts our surfing community at a severe, totally unnecessary risk.

Additionally, by closing all beaches west of Lincoln after 11am on these days, the City has effectively deprived anyone who lives in the Westholme area or the West End an opportunity to surf with their families for major portions of their holiday weekend, as no one who lives in that area will be willing to move their car and give up a precious parking spot to go to the east end. Finally the youngest of our citizens in the surf community deserve better. If they live west of Lincoln, we cannot and should not send them off to surf alone, and certainly not into a dangerously overcrowded surf beach.

The LBSA plans to monitor the situation carefully, and we will do our best to respectfully relay our findings and observations to you, the City Council, and the Chief of Lifeguards, for whom we have the utmost respect. We have always enjoyed a great, cooperative relationship with the City. We look forward to your response on these issues, and with you, we all look forward to a safe and successful summer.


Will Hallett
President, Long Beach Surfer’s Association


Anyone with thoughts or concerns on this issue is encouraged to contact the LBSA at, and to write or call the City Manager and the City council as well. The LBSA firmly believes that all points of view on the 2013 surf schedule should be heard, but safety must be and should always be the top priority.

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City of Long Beach releases updated proposed Surf Beach Schedule for 2013

The City of Long Beach officially released a proposed updated Surf Beach Schedule for 2013 for public comment. From the City's official website:

"The City Council, listening to feedback from residents, requested that the Chief of Lifeguards and City Manager take another look at the proposed surfing schedule. They have requested something that is more similar to last year’s schedule which was largely successful."

The proposed plan is available for review at the above link, or click here to view.

The Long Beach Surfer's Association fully supports the City's efforts to hear the views of all citizens of our City, from the surfing community and the general beachgoing community alike. We encourage everyone to review the revised proposed plan and contact the City with comments or questions.

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City of Long Beach rescinds 2013 Surf Beach Plan, New plan to be developed

Based on community feedback, the City of Long Beach has decided to rescind the 2013 Surf Beach Plan that was released last week. The decision was made as part of the Long Beach City Council meeting held on May 7th, 2013, and was announced at the Good and Welfare portion of the meeting.

Concerns arose from the residents affected by the West-Central portion of the schedule, many of whom spoke and echoed a theme that their area was being unfairly burdened under the newly announced rotation. While the discussion was passionate, all in the room seemed in agreement that the needs of everyone be considered, and everyone could and should work together in the best interest of the entire community, in a spirit of openness, fairness, and transparency in these difficult, post-Sandy times.

The Long Beach Surfer's Association stands behind the principle of all citizens having a say in how our shared resource is used, and we encourage everyone with opinions on the matter to reach out to the the City Manager and the City Council Members and make their feelings known.

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