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How can you join the Long Beach Surfer's Association? 

Lifetime Membership: $20 donation in person at an LBSA event or a $20 or more online donation and you are in!

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Membership Information – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is membership?

Lifetime Membership is just $15 in person or $20 online!

  1. Why is the only membership option “Lifetime”?

Once a surfer, always a surfer. Same with us: Once you are a member of the LBSA, you are automatically a member for life. This serves several benefits:

Since the organization is completely run by volunteers, efficiency is very important. A lifetime membership eliminates the administrative burden of chasing people down and creating expensive and time consuming mailings with renewal reminders as well as eliminating the need (and cost) to print and issue new membership cards annually. Additionally, a lifetime membership allows our numbers to continually grow, rather than stagnate with new members and non-renewals offsetting each other – making us a more powerful group to local businesses and the City itself.

  1. Why only $15/$20 for lifetime membership?

The LBSA has no paid Board Members or employees, no physical location or appreciable overhead expenses. We do not have any plans to engage in political lobbying and have no plans to ever have lobbying expenses. We simply have no need for a large treasury. What we do have a need for is a large, vibrant membership that is interested and participating in a wide variety of activities, including local charities. If there is a need for fundraising for a specific charity, we will raise it at that time, and donate all of the net proceeds directly to the charity. An extra $5 for online membership is asked simply to cover the credit card company fee and mailing out of your membership card and information.

  1. So where does my membership fee go? 

Basically, your membership fee covers the cost of printing the card itself, the printing of flyers for local participating merchants, and provides some funds to cover the up front costs of LBSA gear: T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, and Bumper Stickers. Funds from the sale of gear goes to the purchase of more gear. Some funds may be used to cover the cost of printing posters, banners, and signs for surf etiquette information, surf beach information, and riptide safety information.

  1. Is my membership donation tax deductible?

Yes! 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

  1. I am not a member, can I still attend meetings?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to attend!

  1. I am not an LBSA Member, can I still buy LBSA gear?

Sorry – LBSA gear is only available to members! We currently don't stock merchandise, and will be placing orders periodically throughout the year. Best bet for gear? Come to a meeting, sign up and order some gear next time we're placing an order.