Partner with LBSA!


Partner With The LBSA!

The Long Beach Surfer’s Association is a community based organization focused on issues pertaining to surfing, community, and the environment in Long Beach. 

The nature of our organization includes the occasional planning and sponsoring of local surf, environmental, and beach related events. Sometimes the events are ours, other times we've been invited to particpate, but regardless: We're inclusive by nature: When we're involved in an event and we have the ability to invite others to join in, the LBSA will always look to include and be open to including all local surf as well as non-surf industry businesses!

The LBSA is also happy to be supportive of or involved with events sponsored by other local organizations, charities, or businesses – surfing and non surfing alike.  We are an association with a solid membership of committed individuals.  If your group or business is interested in partnering with or including the LBSA in an event you have planned, please let us know!

Heard about one of our events or have an upcoming event? Want to partner with the LBSA and get in on the fun, or invite us to get in on your fun? Email us! [email protected]